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Jane Behrend

  I have worked with V for several years. He has worked with me though several injuries and really facilitated my healing. With his help and expertise, I completely healed without surgery. He has trained me for gorilla trekking and several other trips where I needed to be in great form. He stays up to date on the latest science behind exercise. Without a doubt, V is one of the most patient people I have dealt with and is always a delight to work out with – even at 6 a.m.

Doreen Linniman

 As an athlete (a tennis pro and Ironman triathlete) and an international adventurer (rappelling off cliffs, climbing waterfalls, shark cage diving, etc) the strength, endurance, and ability of my body to do what I need it to do is ESSENTIAL to me — and not even just physically, but mentally. Upon being sidelined athletically for 3 years due to 3 hip surgeries, Drew NOT only kept me fit (which kept me sane), but he has gotten me back ready to perform. I am game ready thanks to Drew

Dr. Lynn Tinley

 There isn’t a person who would not benefit from having Vincente train them. His knowledge of the human body and how it works enables him to effectively train the range from athlete to casual exerciser to a person getting back in the swing of things from surgery. I have had both knees replaced and Vincente worked me through post-therapy training with ease. He has gotten me from having difficulty squatting to being able to participate in a full hour of both training with him and yoga – with no discomfort from either. Having said all that – if you want a full hour of really hard working out, he can deliver that too. I very highly recommend Vincente for your personal training.

Mike Sams

 Drew Yoder assisted in fixing my shoulder issue, which I was told was a frozen shoulder. I had injured it when I caught a piece of equipment that was falling. It got progressively worse until I could not sleep on that side or throw with my right hand. My doctor said I would probably need surgery. Drew confident surgery was not needed. Through his guidance, with plenty stretching and massage, over a period of 60-90 days my shoulder was totally back to normal in strength and range of motion. Also most importantly, the pain in sleeping was gone. He did an excellent job.

Jane Downer

 Working with Drew has resulted in remarkable improvements in my strength, flexibility and balance. After two joint replacement surgeries I knew I needed to find a trainer with an individualized approach. Three years later I am still making progress and continue to be grateful for his expertise, patience and unfailing encouragement.

Dr. Gerald Staton

I’ve been working with Drew for three years since my total knee replacement. My goal was to get back to playing from the blue tees with my son and to return to a 7 handicap. I have done both with the great program of core exercises and exercises to get the strength and flexibility back in by legs, hips, and back. I’m back to hitting the ball as far as ever and the stability of my swing has improved my accuracy with my irons. My team has now won the trophy in my yearly buddies tournament two years in a row!

Amy Widener

 I began training with Drew after a major medical illness let to multiple abdominal surgeries. Drew was cautious and conscientious in his approach. He encouraged me when I needed it the most and knew how to safely push me to move beyond my comfort zone. I credit Drew with getting me into the best shape of my life. I had worked out for years on my own, and run several races, but Drew’s program truly changed my body and gave me confidence that I had never known. My doctors have been amazed at how well my body has healed and believe that it is largely due to the strength training program that I continue to practice with Drew.

Bob Jacobson

 I have been using Drew as my trainer the last two years and he has certainly helped changed my life and routine. Drew has worked with me on increasing my flexibility as well as strength exercises. My golf game has changed dramatically for the better. At 60 years old, and wanting to play more golf than ever, this was a game changer for favorite past time. With Drew’s program, I am now able to turn my head around to do a simple task as back a car up. This wasn’t possible without pain or guidance before. Bottom line, I drive 20 miles and pass 20 plus workout facilities to work with Drew Yoder. Thank you Drew.

Brandee Abramson

 V is my go-to for both training and physical therapy. After a knee injury in 2011, V had me walking pain-free within 2 weeks. After an ankle injury in 2012, which landed me in a cast, V had me walking within 2 months of physical therapy. He had me driving my manual car within 3 months. My doctor was blown away at my speedy recovery. “Dr. V”, as I like to call him, is extremely knowledgeable on how the body works together as whole. He is very in-tune with your every move and understands your set goals, allowing him to customize your training session. I drive 45 minutes to see him, 3 days a week! I am very fortunate to have him as my trainer!

Bernice Maw

I have been using Vincente Turnipseed, whom we call V, for quite a few years. He had been recommended by another trainer as she left the gym that we were using. In fact I followed him from that gym to where he now trains instead of using anyone else. I genetically am affected by osteoarthritis and have gone into physical therapy, but find the exercises that V sets up to be therapeutically better than ones I have from various other therapists. No matter what the ache is, V has a solution and method to ease and strengthen muscles in that area. I highly recommend him to anyone. He is very concerned and especially helpful as a trainer and a friend.

Jackie Clarke

 I remember telling Drew about a year ago that his “job” was to keep me out of a wheelchair. Not only am I not in a wheelchair but I am in the best physical shape of my life. He trained me prior to back surgery to ensure a positive outcome, took charge of my post-op program and continues to work with me to maximize my strength while achieving symmetry, balance and flexibility. Drew has a superior understanding of anatomy and biomechanics but what makes him unique is his ability to apply it to his client’s specific needs. He is truly a gifted professional.

Jan Haber

 I began training with Drew because I had a stiff (frozen) shoulder from a fall. My husband has worked with Drew for years and recommended I see him. Not only did he teach me exercises to restore the flexibility and strength in my arm, he also recommended a physical therapist that he works closely with on a regular basis. They worked very well together! I have been running for years and started to get “creakiness” in my knees. I just attributed this to getting older but as it turns out with a few simple strategies/routines of stretching and strengthening I now run without discomfort.

Pamela Millikan

 My husband and I are very busy with both of us working and school-age children with many extra-curricular activities. While we have work-out equipment at home, I almost never made time to use it. I signed up for sessions with “V”, which forced me to work out. I saw the benefits, and got a couple of sessions for my husband, who also needed a little extra motivation. My husband and I have been working out with V for many years now.
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Holly Kramen

 In all my years of working out with personal trainers, I have never had a trainer who has the deep understanding for physical mechanics and strength training that V does. Working out with V is about more than helping you get strong, or train for a particular sport – both of which he excels at doing – but through unique exercises and tailored workouts, V adds the extra piece of making sure you mentally and physically internalize the stability and the control of athletic (and everyday) movement.
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Caitlin Wills-Toker

I started training with V almost 3 years ago. As someone who has exercised on their own most of their adult life, I was ready to take my training to the next level and get some assistance from an expert. I lucked into my first visit and am so happy I did! V has definitely helped me achieve results. I have gotten leaner and stronger. My muscles are more defined and my core is solid. I have more energy too! He challenges me and always changes the exercises I do, which I love!
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Kai Hervey

I had an amazing experience training with V. I began training after gaining 90 lbs during my senior year at Spelman College. I had gone from a size 4 to plus sizes due to stress from school and unhealthy eating habits. During the months I trained with V, I not only got incredible training sessions; he also provides me with tools to ensure progress. V doesn’t only focus on the physical aspect of his clients, he cares about how the stress you experience impacts your fitness journey.
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