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Golf Proformance Program

Your body is the most important tool used in your golf game. It is the engine that creates, generates, and sustains a powerful, balanced, and highly coordinated consistent swing. Fine-tune your swing engine with an individualized program designed specifically for you. You no longer need be satisfied with a traditional cookie cutter approach.

We evaluate you from the nose to the toes in order to determine your biomechanical blocks and leakages. Your body needs to be able to power the club through a complex three-dimensional integrated chain-reaction movement pattern. We focus on the essential power producing “rocks” in your body that will increase club head speed and allow you a more consistent pathway to the ball.

Beyond training we will teach you the correct strategies and techniques to warm up, cool down, and exercises that are specific for golf. Improve distance, control, and consistency! Gain the confidence it takes to be a proficient golfer and eliminate pain during and after a round. Most importantly you will ENJOY the game much more! Join us in our never ending passion to become a better golfer.

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