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About Us

Biomechanics Advantage

provides expert physical fitness, sports, and restorative training services. We bring out the best in people of all ages and all fitness levels – from novice to pro within an environment that is professional, friendly, encouraging and nonjudgmental.

While our clients each tell us in their own way that they want to be healthy, feel good, look great, and fully enjoy life their way; we recognize and celebrate each of them as the uniquely gifted and challenged individuals they are. And, it is at that precise point of their uniqueness that we begin together with them.

About Biomechanical Advantage Personal Trainer from Chamblee and Sandy Springs
Our Purpose: We exist to bring out the best in people by enhancing their lives and wellbeing in body, mind, and spirit through physical movement.

Our Principles:

Trust – We demonstrate we are trustworthy by showing concern for others, keeping our promises, and producing results that matter.

Value – We create value for others as measured by their health, wellbeing, and confident participation in those aspects of living that are important to them.

Effort – We commit our best efforts in our relationships, work and aspirations and in doing so model the way for others.

Note: While we don’t offer discounts, we do offer this guarantee: “We promise to take all the risk.”* …If after just three training sessions with us, if you are anything less than fully satisfied, we’ll make it right with you. **

There are no passing fads, phony gimmicks, promotional hustles, hollow claims, one-size-fits-all programs, or pretentious protocols here. Instead, we rely on authenticity, trust, a proven scientific process, and honest effort to create exceptional value, uncommon achievement and accelerated results.

Our trainers are unmatched in the industry. Our approach is both innovative and invigorating. Your opportunities are endless.

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